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So we've joined the legions of travel bloggers

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

We've been holding off from creating our own blog, we were perfectly content just sharing on social media the great photos and videos we were capturing while we were travelling around Australia, but after our recent trip to Japan we realised just how much we were relying on information from other blogs to help with our planning. We also realised that we wanted to have a little more ownership of our own content and a more permanent record of our travels. One of the biggest worries for us in starting a blog has been that we didn't want to detract from the enjoyment of our travels by burdening ourselves with writing blog posts. We are already finding that running a Facebook page, Instagram page, YouTube channel, and editing photos and videos are very time consuming! But after being on the road for over 6 months we think we are ready for it, so here we are with our own blog! Welcome to our little page of thoughts, ideas, tips, and advice. Head on over to our About page to get an idea of who we are (Jayme, Rory, and the kids) and how we became full time travelers. We will be posting regularly about our travels, what we are up to and where we have gone, along with what we have loved and what have been absolute failures (Think halfway through a 10km hike with crying children and hangry parents!). Most of all hopefully you will find our content entertaining and useful!

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