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We are a family of 5; Jayme (Mum), Rory (Dad), Aston, Emielia, and Edie.
We became full-time travellers in the middle of 2018. Jayme and Rory were both feeling like we were stuck in Groundhog Day; wake up, make school lunches, go to work and school, come home and do dinner and housework, and repeat. We felt that life was moving quickly and slipping away, and our kids were growing up too fast! We travelled regularly in school holidays and during the previous Christmas school holidays we had spent 7 weeks in a camper trailer travelling through South East Queensland and the North Coast of New South Wales and we had thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. All of this, combined with Rory having a miserable time at work, and the sale of an investment property, got us thinking, should we just pack up and go?!? After crunching some numbers on a Friday night over a bottle of wine to make sure it was all going to be possible, Rory asked for 12 months unpaid leave straight after the weekend and it was approved. Now things were really serious! We needed to find a caravan, pack up our house and rent it out, shift the kids into distance education, and organise a university enrolment for Rory and deferment for Jayme, all in 4 weeks! It ended up being a huge task, too huge in fact as it ended up taking us 6 weeks. But all the hard work and stress was well worth it when we pulled out of our driveway to set off on our adventure of a lifetime!



Jayme is the gorgeous mum of the family (hahahaha, I wonder how long it will take her to read this). She loves her three kids but maybe not her husband after she reads this. She's also passionate about taking and editing great photos and maintaining our social media presence.



Rory is the Dad of the family, the planner, the pack mule, the driver, the tech nerd. A keen, but very amateur, videographer. He's learning the ropes on taking and editing great videos so that we can document, share, and remember our journey.



Aston is our eldest son. He is 13 and in year 8. Just like his Dad he enjoys playing with tech and riding his mountain bike. He's really enjoying living on the road and doing school via distance education but he does struggle sometimes with the lack of other teenagers in the places we stay. As the oldest sibling, Aston provides a lot of help to both Mum and Dad and sometimes we wonder if this trip would even be possible without him!



Emielia is our middle child and she is an absolute daydreamer! She's the one that is always falling behind on our walks and needs to be told way too many times to do anything. She's in Year 3 and finding it much more difficult to adapt to distance education without her usual classroom environment. Emielia loves animals and is the best in our family at spotting wildlife. She dreams that one day we might settle down on a farm and buy her a horse!



Edie is the baby of the family at just over 3 years old. She loves going on adventures with her older siblings and gets very upset when she can't keep up. She is also the loudest of the three children and makes sure everyone knows what she needs. She very much enjoys living in the caravan and all the time she's getting to spend with her siblings and parents.

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