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How to make great coffee when your caravanning or camping!

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

There's a lot of coffee lovers like us out there that want to know how they can make their own great coffee while they are caravanning or camping. When you're on the road you have limited access to power and although it is nice to support local cafes to purchase your morning fix, it's not always possible or affordable. Without a large inverter you cannot run a coffee pod machine. They also create a lot of waste and we find the coffee from them to be mediocre anyway. We researched and experimented and came up with a solution that we are very happy with. We use the Bialetti MokaPot Express and Bialetti Tuttocrema Milk Frother. This combo allows you to make your cappuccino or latte on your stove top and no power is required. You can buy either online, in many department stores, or even in some cafes. When we purchased ours we found that the best price was on ebay. Our tip; even if there is only two of you having coffee go for a bigger that MokaPot so you can have them a little stronger. We use the 4 cup MokaPot and use it all up in two cups for just the two of us!

Here is what they look like and a little instructional video showing how we make ours (warning: we have no barista experience!)

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1 Comment

Jan 06, 2021

awsome idea👍, I'm a coffee lover and try to use the way you said, Thanks~

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