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6 months, 17845 km, and countless memories!

We've reached the milestone of travelling full-time for 6 months and it is a great time to sit and reflect on how our lives have changed and what we have accomplished. Over the Christmas period, I was in my university break time and didn't need to be studying every night. So after putting the kids to bed each night I decided to dedicate some time to putting together a video of our time so far. The amount of amazing places we have been able to go and experiences we've had is impossible to put into words and even the video I created hardly does it justice! Spending hours each night trawling through all the videos we had created along the way was a great way to reflect on all the things we had done and I was surprised, when looking back, on just how much we had done! After countless hours I had finally pieced together a highlight reel (with a little help from a fellow traveller, and friend, Daniel), and I nervously posted it to Facebook not having any idea how it would be received. I have very little experience creating or editing videos but really wanted to be able to create something that others would love and be inspired by. After a few days it was apparent that I had achieved that. It was very rewarding to see my video get shared over 125 times and have over 26,000 views! I have certainly set the bar high for myself and there's a good chance I may not ever top that again. All-in-all, we are very blessed and grateful to have been able to to do this trip together as a family!

If you haven't already seen our 6 month video, here it is:

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